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Who needs a TWIC™?
Company, vessel, and facility security officers and personnel responsible for security duties are required to obtain a TWIC. Individuals who frequently access secure areas in the course of their employment will also need to obtain a TWIC. These populations include but are not limited to:
- Facility employees who work in a secure area
- Longshoremen
- Non-credentialed mariners in vessel crew
- Other maritime professionals
- Truckers bringing/picking up cargo at a facility
- Drayage truckers

What is the enrollment process?
The enrollment process consists of the following components: optional pre-enrollment, in-person enrollment, security threat assessment and notification of the results, and issuance of the TWIC to the applicant. Applicants may pre-enroll online to enter all of the biographic information required and make an appointment at the enrollment center to complete the process (although appointments are not required). Then applicants must visit the enrollment center where they will pay the enrollment fee, complete a
TWIC Application Disclosure Form, provide biographic information and a complete set of fingerprints, and sit for a digital photograph. The applicant must bring identity verification documents to enrollment and in the case of aliens, immigration documents that verify their immigration status, so that the documents can be scanned into the electronic enrollment record.

What documents do I need to enroll?
All applicants are required to bring appropriate documentation to the enrollment center in order to verify their identity (click here for a list of approved documents). Applicants can provide any one document from list A or two documents from List B, one of which must be a government-issued photo ID. A good example of appropriate documentation from List B is a state-issued driver’s license and a social security card.

How much does a TWIC cost?
The fee for a TWIC card will be $132.50 and the credential is valid for five years.

What are the methods of payment?
Payment must be made with money order, certified/cashier's check, corporate check, or credit card (Visa or MasterCard only). Checks should be made payable to Lockheed Martin.

Where can I enroll?
The current listing of enrollment locations is available by clicking here.

What is pre-enrollment?
The pre-enrollment process allows applicants to provide much of the biographic information required for enrollment; to select an enrollment center where they wish to complete enrollment; and to make an appointment to complete enrollment at the enrollment center of their choosing. Applicants are encouraged, but not required, to pre-enroll. Pre-enrollment is available by clicking here.

Are appointments required for enrollment?
No. Appointments are encouraged to save applicants' time but are not required and walk-ins are welcome.
How can I make an appointment for enrollment?
To make an appointment for TWIC enrollment, an applicant must first pre-enroll. If pre-enrolling on the website, an applicant may use his/her address to search for nearby enrollment centers and set an appointment time for the location of his/her choice. If pre-enrolling via the Help Desk (1-866-DHS-TWIC), an operator will help the applicant set an appointment time at the enrollment center of his/her choice.

How long does enrollment take?
The enrollment process for a pre-enrolled applicant is expected to take approximately 10 minutes. The enrollment process for an individual who chose not to pre-enroll is expected to take approximately 15 minutes.

How long does it take to receive a TWIC?
There is typically three to four week turnaround from enrollment until card activation. Eligibility issues or insufficient information may increase the turnaround time.

How can I check the status of my card and schedule a pick-up?
Click here to check the status of your card and schedule a pick-up.

What if I enroll for my TWIC card in an Enrollment Center in one region of the country, but need to activate (pick up) my TWIC card at a different Enrollment Center location due to a move or my employment requires me to be in another region?
We now have the ability to transfer a TWIC card from one Enrollment Center location to a different Enrollment Center due to extenuating circumstances, such as, job transfers, seasonal work, residential move, etc. If you need your card transferred to a different Enrollment Center location, please call the TWIC Help Desk at, 1-866-DHS-TWIC (1-866-347-8942) or email the Help Desk at, TWIC.Helpdesk@gcrm.com and request a card transfer. Your card should arrive at the requested Enrollment Center within 3-4 weeks.

Where can I get additional information on TWIC?
The TSA website for the TWIC program provides additional information on the program, supporting policies and regulation (information on waivers and appeals), etc. Additionally, the Coast Guard’s website contains information on U.S. Coast Guard policies and contains specific documents, such as the Coast Guard Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC) and small entity guides for TWIC applicants and owners/operators.

What is the contact number for the TWIC Help Desk?
The TWIC Help Desk can be reached at 1-866-DHS-TWIC (or 1-866-347-8942) and is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 a.m. EST.

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