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Work Outlook
DZNPS hiring requirements for TVA Nuclear Plant Group (NPG) sites

Personnel will be required to complete TVA and contractor forms, study pre-access training, and schedule pre-access prior to arrival at the TVA NPG site.  NANTel study access authorization codes will be provided by the contractor or union representative.  All forms are available online by clicking here multi.tva.gov/contractor/.  The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) test, commonly referred to as the "Psych test", will be conducted at the site.  Completion on NANTel exams is preferred prior to arrival on site.

It will be necessary for all personnel referred to pass all requirements for working in a nuclear environment (Security & Rad Worker Training, MMPI, FFD, etc.).

Criteria for Craft:
     *  Special training or certifications required:  OSHA 10 Training
     *  Employment & retention is contigent upon willingness to observe C-Zone protective
          dressout procedures in a nuclear plant
     *  Alcohol & Drug screening
     *  Must be willing to work any shift
     *  Welders must be able to certify in ANSI, ASME, or AWS welding criteria

Physical Requirements:
     *  Able to climb scaffold and/or 40ft of stairs and work from aerial lifts, if required
     *  Able to work in elevated temperature environments
     *  Possess the ability to lift 25% of personal body weight, not to exceed 50 lbs
     *  Ability to work in physically restricted and confined work areas
     *  Able to walk to and from the worksite without assistance
     *  Work in respiratory protection or other PPE as required by owner's or contractor's
          Safety/Medical guidelines
     *  Stand, walk, twist, reach, grasp, push, pull, climb, crouch, bend, stoop, kneel, and
          crawl as required to access and perform work typically encountered in an industrial
          maintenance and construction environment
     *  Additional physical requirements may be needed for specific job scope

Notice: TVA now requires steel toe or composite toe boots that meet ASTM F2413-05 at all of their worksites.

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